Child Support

It is the mission of the Calumet County Child Support Agency to provide services to the public in an efficient manner consistent with Federal, State, and local policy. It is the belief of the staff that all children, when possible, deserve the emotional and financial support of both parents.

Services may include:


  • DNA testing if necessary
  • Child Support Order
  • Health insurance provisions
  • Payment of uninsured medical debt


  • Automatic Income Withholding from Employment
  • Work search program
  • Court action
  • Automatic income tax refund interception in the event there is outstanding debt
  • Lien docket/lines
  • License suspension
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Criminal complaint referral


  • State and National New Hire Reporting
  • Internet
  • Department of Transportation searches
  • Credit Bureau searches
  • Department Industry Human Labor and Relations records

Review and Revision 

  • Review of current obligation to make sure consistent with Wisconsin Statutes

Modification, if needed, through Stipulation and Order (agreement of the parties) or Order of the Court.