Veterans Memorial Wall

Veterans Memorial

Chilton Veterans Memorial

---located in Klinkner Park---is a memorial that honors the men and women who served our country, while preserving the freedoms of all. This stone memorial honors all branches of the military--Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard. This prominent memorial displays a statue of each branch of military, along with the American Bald Eagle displaying its fierce beauty, independence, strength, and freedom of America.

The Chilton community gathered and dedicated this memorial on August 2, 2014 to write another chapter in its praise, admiration, and respect for veterans of the United States Military Service. This memorial was created in a special place that connects the past, yet holds a place for future honor, and remembrance. This is a place where citizens and visitors, young and old, can come to honor, remember, learn, reflect, and share stories that should never be forgotten. 

Memorial Nameplate Plaque Process:

Chilton Veterans Memorial