Road Weight Restrictions

The Calumet County Highway Department posted weight limit restrictions on the following roads effective Monday, March 6, 2023:

  • CTH “B” from STH 32/57 to STH 55
  • CTH "HH" from CTH A to Dorn Road
  • CTH “HR” from STH 32/57 to USH 10
  • CTH "J" from New Holstein City Limits to the South County Line
  • CTH "Y" from the City of Chilton Limits to CTH E

All restricted roads will be posted until further notice with signs indicating 6 Tons Gross Load for a Single Axle Vehicle, 10 Tons for Tandem Axle Vehicles, and any two axles under 8 feet apart.  

Individuals having questions regarding the status of the road postings may contact the Calumet County Highway Department at (920) 849-1434.