Calumet County Ag Stewardship Alliance

CCASA demonstrates farmers' collective commitment to protecting and preserving our natural resources.

Who We Are 

Calumet County Ag Stewardship Alliance is a nonprofit group of innovative farmers, committed community members, and other professional partners dedicated to our mission of championing sustainable farming practices that protect and improve water quality and soil health. 

What We Do 

  • Through baseline testing of groundwater, we measure progress in protecting and improving drinking water for our neighbors and our families.
  • We hold field days to empower other farmers to try innovative farming practices that will result in continuous improvement in environmental stewardship.
  • We work to bridge the gap in understanding between farmers and other residents through community outreach, social media, and news media. 

Why We Do It

We love our community, respect our neighbors and value our agricultural way of life. Our commitment to the environment will help ensure that these are strong now and for future generations. The goals are shared by all of us, together. 

Learn More

Phone (920) 418-5193 or Visit our Facebook page
View our current CCASA Flyer.

2022 Board of Directors

(L to R back): John Schwarz, John VandenBoom, Bob Danes, Jim Casper; (L to R front): Dave Geiser, Kurt Schneider, Barb Fett, Paul Meyers. (not pictured: Ken Rach).